Sunday, March 22, 2015

Introducing Tastes Of History

Tastes Of History has two aims: firstly, to bring history to life in schools, and, secondly, to experiment with, re-create and produce good food from different historical periods.
Education is the key to stimulating an interest in our history, but everyone learns in different ways. Mostly our teaching is done in primary schools, but we have delivered historical demonstrations for the BBC, Channel 4’s Time Team, English Heritage, local authorities and museums, including the British Museum and the Museum of London.

Bringing history to life using accurately researched costumes and artefacts is exciting and inspiring for children and adults alike.  The opportunity to handle everyday objects of the period, and learn how they were used, makes history more accessible and helps everyone connect with the past.  In the case of food, eating and dining throughout history can still teach us much about our ancestors and, more importantly, ourselves.

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